Chirag & Reema Wedding

Chirag (my good friend Chiggy) married the beautiful Reema, at the Kadhva Patidar Samaj inHarrow.  It was a fun filled weekend shared with all our good friends.

At the vidhee Chiggy got pasted big time and I am honestly surprised that he didn’t actually turn yellow!  The ladies were dressed beautifully doing garba (with huge pots on their heads) with sheer elegance. Even the boys did garba, minus the pots (although I would have liked to have seen them give that a go).

The wedding was a wonderful ceremony that celebrated the love that they have for each other.  It’s was also wonderful how at weddings everyone comes together and becomes a family.

Thanks for a great time. I wish you nothing but the best, and may your love for each other increase with every passing day.

Ps.  The maroona bhajiya were amazing!  I have got Bijal to make these for me at home; we are still practising to get them perfect. We’ll get there, just hope I don’t turn into a potato in the mean time!

c1-IMG_7558.jpgc12-IMG_6782.jpgc13-IMG_7725.jpgc14-IMG_7523.jpgc14-IMG_7568 (2).jpgc15-IMG_7433.jpgc21-IMG_7574.jpgc29-IMG_7050.jpgc3-IMG_7524.jpgc34-IMG_7568.jpgc36-IMG_6810.jpgc4-IMG_7484.jpgc4-IMG_7549 (2).jpgc4-IMG_7629.jpgc43-IMG_7446.jpgc44-IMG_7097.jpgc44-IMG_7653.jpgc45-IMG_7491.jpgc57-IMG_7451.jpgc60-IMG_7757.jpgc62-IMG_7511.jpgc65-IMG_6772.jpgc7-IMG_7372.jpgc77-IMG_6903.jpgc84-IMG_7613.jpgc84-IMG_7621.jpgc86-IMG_7549.jpgc88-IMG_7637.jpgc91-IMG_7538.jpgc93-IMG_7431.jpgc93-IMG_7545 (2).jpg

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